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Singapore Branch Office Registration Package #SGBO3- Branch Registration plus Employment Pass Application

Singapore Branch Office Registration Package #SGBO3- Branch Registration plus Employment Pass Application

Our Singapore Branch Office Registration Package #SGBO3 is suitable for foreign companies that wish to register a branch office in Singapore and relocate one of their key executives to Singapore to run branch office operations. As part of this package, we will register branch office, apply for Employment Pass for the key executive (who will act as one of the local agents) and provide nominee local agent service to satisfy the second local agent requirement.

1. Singapore Branch Registration Package #SGBO3 - Scope of Services and Fees

(1) Branch Office Registration: USD850

  • Name reservation
  • Preparation of necessary documents
  • Registration with Registrar of Companies
  • Bank account opening assistance
  • Electronic Certificate of Registration
  • Branch office profile extract from Registar of Companies
  • Minutes of first board meeting
  • Branch office rubber stamp
  • Government and our professional fee

(2) Provison of one Nominee Local Agents: USD1,500 per annum

We will provide two local Singapore residents to meet the requirements of registration of your branch office in Singapore. The term of service is for one year and can be renewed before expiration.

(3) Provison of one Nominee Local Agents: USD300 for two month

We will provide one additional local Singapore residents for a period of two month to facilitate registration of your branch office in Singapore as at least two local agents are required for the purpose of registration of a branch office. Once your Employment Pass is approved, we will then appoint you to be the local agent and resign our temporary nominee local agent.

(4) Registered Office/Address: USD240 per annum

We will provide a local Singapore street address for the purpose of registering your Singapore branch office. Fees for registered office is charged and collected on a yearly basis.

(5) Employment Pass Application: USD1,000

Immediately after the completion of registration of your branch office, we will submit the documents for the appliction for your Employment Pass.

Total: (1) + (2) + (3) + (4) + (5) = USD3,890


(1) For the provision of our nominee local agent service, we also collect a USD1,500 refundable security deposit. The security deposit will be refunded when you no longer need our nominee agent service.

(2) The branch office must be registered before Employment Pass application can be filed. The EP application is subject to review and approval by authorities.

(3) Upon In-Principal-Approval notification of the Employment Pass, an additional fee of USD240 will apply for handling the issuance of the pass and visa stamping fee.

2. Singapore Branch Registration Procedures

The process and the steps for this package are as follows:

Step 1: Place Your Order for the Branch Office Registration

Once you have come up with the decision to register your branch office in Singapore, please confirm with us by email or fax or telephone and at the same time email to us the following documents and information.

(1) Materials Required for the Registration of Branch

  • a certified copy of the foreign company’s Certificate of Incorporation
  • a certified copy of Memorandum and Articles (MAA) of the foreign company
  • A list of directors with their particulars and if the directors are resident in Singapore and members of the local board of directors, a memorandum stating their powers
  • the Memorandum of Appointment or Power of Attorney and details of at least two persons residing in Singapore and acting as the agents of the Singapore branch office

(2) Materials Required for Employment Pass Application

  • Copy of passport
  • 1 passport size recent photo
  • Copies of educational certificates (above high school)
  • Copy of resume
  • Copies of past employment testimonials, appointment letters, etc, if available
  • Tenancy agreement for business operations address in Singapore
  • 1-2 page document that outlines a) detailed description of the duties to be performed by the applicant; and b) detailed description of activities and/or products of the company
  • Audited accounts, brochures, client contracts, website details of the head office, etc.

Step 2: Provide Branch Office Registration Details

Upon receipt of your order, we will email you a form for providing us with the necessary branch office registration details. You will need to complete this form and send it to us so we can prepare the registration documents accordingly.

Step 3: Make Payment

Upon receipt of the completed form, we will send you an invoice for our services. In order for us to commence our services, you will need to make payment as per the invoice sent to you. We accept bank transfer, local cheque, cash, or credit card.

Step 4: Prepare Branch Office Registration Documents

Upon receipt of the payment, we will prepare the necessary registration documents and email them to you for signing. If you are in Singapore, you can visit our office and sign the documents.

Step 5: Register Branch Office

Upon receipt of the signed registration and supporting documents from you, we will proceed to branch office registration with Registry of Companies i.e. Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA).

Step 6: Open Bank Account

Once the branch office has been registered with ACRA, we will assist you with opening of a corporate bank account for the new branch office.

Step 7: Prepare and File Employment Pass Application

In parallel to steps 5 & 6, we will work with you to prepare the Employment Pass application and supporting documents. Once ready, we will then file the Employment Pass application along with supporting documents and wait for the outcome.

Step 8: File an Appeal If Necessary

In case your EP application is rejected initially, we will explore the reasons with authorities and then prepare and file an appeal (at no extra cost) accordingly.

Step 9: Arrange for Employment Pass Collection

Upon receipt of the Employment Pass approval letter, you will be required to visit Singapore to collect your pass. We will assist you in scheduling an appointment with authorities for the issuance of the pass.

3. Time Frame for Singapore Branch Office Registration and Employment Pass Application

The actual registration of a branch office in Singapore can be accomplished in a matter of few hours as the whole process is computerized. However, the overall process can ?take anywhere from one day to few days depending on the following factors:

  • Name reservation: before a branch office can be registered, its name has to be reserved first. Assuming there are no objections to the name being proposed, the name reservation process can be accomplished in less than an hour. However, if the name conflicts with an existing name or if the proposed name contains some sensitive words that may require a review by relevant authorities, the name approval process can get delayed to few days or weeks.
  • Signing of registration documents: if you are in Singapore, this is a quick and easy process. However if you are located overseas, the logistics involved in signing and sending the signed documents can take few days.

Regarding the Employment Pass application, when the Employment Pass application is filed online, it takes anywhere between 1 day to 10 days to receive the outcome notification from authorities. However, in case if the applciation is filed manually, it takes anywhere between 3 weeks to 5 weeks to receive the outcome notification from authorities

4. Payment Term and Methods

We require full payment before commencement of the registration. Payment methods will be provided upon confirmation of order.

For further information or assistance, please call us:

Hong Kong Office: +852 2341 1444
Singapore Office: +65 6883 1061
Shenzhen Office: +86 755 8268 4480
Shanghai Office: +86 21 6439 4114
Beijing Office: +86 10 6210 1890

or send email to

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