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Taiwan Trading Company Registration Package #TWLLCO5HK - Company Registration, Registered Office and Bank Account

Taiwan Company Registration Package #TWLLCO5HK
(For Hong Kong Resident and Company)

This package is suitable for Hong Kong residents and Hong Kong registered company and not ultimately owned by a PRC national which intend to apply to register a limited liability company in Taiwan for the purpose of carrying out trading business.

The package includes all procedures required for the purpose of registration of a limited company in Taiwan. Immediately after we hand over the registration documents to you, the company is ready to commence its business.

1. Taiwan Company Registration Package ?Scope of Services
  (1) Registration and Related Services
    (i) Name check and reservation
(ii) Preparation of memorandum & articles of the company and other incorporation documents
(iii) Professional & Filing Fees
(iv) Application for Business Certificate
  (2) Acting as Local Agent
    A limited company in Taiwan is required by the Law to appoint a local agent. The local agent can either be a local Taiwanese or foreigner who resides at Taiwan with valid residence permit. This package already includes a local Taiwan resident as agent for a period of one year.
  (3) Registered Office

A company must maintain a business address in Taiwan where the correspondence from Taiwan Government can be served and business is carried out. This package already includes the provision of a business address for a period of one year for the purpose of the registration of the company.

  (4) Bank Account Opening
    We will assist the investor to open a preparatory account with a bank in Taiwan for the purpose of remitting the registered capital. Then, we will assist the investor to open a formal account for the daily operation of the company after it is duly registered.
  (5) Documents Legalisation
    Kaizen will handle the legalisation of investor’s identity documents, Power of Attorney for appointment of local agent and manager, as required by the prevailing company laws and regulation for the purpose of registration of company in Taiwan.
  (6) Capital Verification
    Once after the capital/investment is remitted, Kaizen will arrange a local Taiwan accounting firm to perform capital verification and issue capital verification report.
  (7) Import and Export Card
    If you intend to conduct import and/or export business in Taiwan, you are required to apply for Import and Export Card with Ministry Economic Affairs. Kaizen will handle the application for Import and Export Card immediately after the company is duly registered.

2. Services Fees and Payment Terms
  (1) Service Fees and Costs
    A summary of costs related to the registration of a limited liability company in Taiwan is listed in the table below:
Item Description


1 Our service fees 56,000
2 Legalisation fee 26,000
3 Official filing/registration fees (estimated) 2,000
4 Local Agent Service/ per annum 20,000
5 Registered Office Service/ per annum 48,000
6 Establishment of corporate account 14,000
7 Import and Export Registration 4,000
8 Disbursements 2,000
  TOTAL: 172,000

Our service charge stated in table above does not cover translation costs for translating registration related documents from English to Chinese, if required. We could arrange the translation on your behalf and the translation cost will be billed separately.

  (2) Time of Billing and Payment Methods

Upon receipt of your order, we will issue an invoice to you for your settlement. We require full payment in advance.

If Taiwan official tax invoice is required, an extra 5% of Business Tax will be charged.

We currently only accept Hong Kong Dollar check, cash or TT and credit card through Paypal. Please click here for payment methods.

3. Procedures for Establishing a Company in Taiwan
  (1) Preliminary
    (a) Lease of Office Space
      Firstly, the parent company will have to enter into a tenancy agreement in relation to the office space to be used by the branch office. The office must be located in a commercial building.
    (b) Appointment of Director(s)
      The investor should decide the personnel to be appointed as director(s) of the Taiwan company and obtain their consent and arrange a written appointment accordingly.
    (c) Legalisation of Identity Documents of the parent company
      The parent company is also required to arrange to have the identity documents, such as Certificate of incorporation and Articles of incorporation and bylaws (including all amendments to-date) of the parent company legalised by the Taiwan Embassy in the country where the parent company is registered
    (d) Legalization of Board Minutes, Power of Attorney for Appointment of the litigious and non-litigious agent and branch manager

The parent company is also required to issue and have the Board Minutes, Power of Attorney appointing the company’s litigious and non-litigious agent and Power of Attorney appointing the branch manager legalised by the Taiwan Embassy in the country where the parent company is registered.

    (e) Other Documentation
      The parent company at the same time needs to prepare other documents, such as photocopy of passports and address proof of the Agent and Manager.

  (2) Application for Registration
    (a) Name Search and Reservation

The registration process of a company starts with name availability search. We will perform a name availability search with the Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C and confirm with you their availability.

Should the search indicate that the preferred company names are available for registration, we then apply for the reservation of the preferred name
    (b) Examination and Approval
      As for the timing of approval, Ministry of Economic Affairs is required to make its decision within 10 workings days from receipt of all the documentation.
    (c) Carving of Company Chop

Upon approval as stated in (b) above, Kaizen will arrange the carving of company chop which is required for opening of bank account.

    (d) Opening bank account and capital verification
      Once obtaining the approval from Ministry of Economic Affairs, the person in charge of the Taiwan company is required to visit Taiwan for the purpose of preparatory bank account opening.
    (e) Contribution of Capital
      Once the account is opened, the parent company need to deposit the capital into the bank account. After the payment, the bank will issue you remittances memo and inward remittance notification. You are required to provide the same to us for arranging capital verification for you.
    (f) Capital Verification
      Upon receipt of confirmation of remittance of capital, Kaizen will then arrange a local Taiwan accounting form to perform capital verification and issue of capital verification report which is required to be filed for the purpose of company registration.
    (g) Application for Registration
      Then, Kaizen will submit the registration application documents together with the capital verification report to the business registration authority for registration.
    (h) Application for Tax Code
      After that, Kaizen will handle the application tax registration for the Taiwan company with the State Tax Bureau and apply for Tax Code. It should be noted that the Director/Person in Charge of the Taiwan company should visit the State Tax Authority for identification verification.

4. Estimated Time Frame

It is estimated that the whole registration process would take around 4-6 weeks. The table below shows the estimated time frame for each of the steps for the registration process.

Step Description Who is Responsible

Working Days

1 Legalisation of Incorporation Documents Kaizen 5
2 Tenancy (Lease) Agreement (for the office to be used by the FICE) Kaizen 1
3 Other documents Investor Investor's schedule
  Application for Registration    
4 Perform Name available search Kaizen 2
5 Application for Approval from Ministry Of Economic Affairs, R.O.C. Kaizen 7
6 Application for Approval and Carving of Company Seals Kaizen 2
7 Opening bank account - Preparatory Account Kaizen 1
8 Capital Verification Kaizen 5
9 Application for外國公司認許表from Ministry Of Economic Affairs, R.O.C. Kaizen 7
10 Perform State Tax Registration(國稅局稅籍登記) Kaizen 6
11 Opening bank account - Normal Account Kaizen 5-10
  4-6 weeks
  (1) The estimated time frame listed in the table above is based on the assumption of a smooth application;
  (2) The estimated time frame does not take into consideration the need for application for special permit or licence.

5. Required Documents and Materials
  The following documents and materials needed to be prepared by the application before submitting an application for registration:
  (1) A set of registration documents of the Hong Kong company, including the Certificate of Incorporation, Business Registration Certificate and latest Annual Return;
  (2) A copy of passport copy and address proof in respect of each director of the Taiwan company;
  (3) The Chinese name of the proposed Taiwan company;
  (4) The amount of capital/investment of the proposed Taiwan company;
  (5) A brief description of the principal business activities of the Taiwan company.

6. Important Note
  The Company Law in Taiwan does not impose a minimum amount of registered capital for the purpose of company registration. However, the investor is still required to state a particular amount of registration in the Article of Association of the Taiwan company and the said amount should be remitted to Taiwan at the time of company registration. In this connection, we suggest that the amount to be stated in the Article of Association should be sufficient to fund the operation of the Taiwan company for the first six months after incorporation.

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