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The 2020 CIFTIS will be Held in Beijing China in September

The 2020 CIFTIS will be Held in Beijing China in September

The 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services (herein after referred to as “CIFTIS? will be held in Beijing in early September. It will be jointly hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China and the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality. World Trade Organization, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development are its permanent supporting institutions.

In view of the global COVID-19 epidemic, the 2020 CIFTIS will involve both online and offline activities. Overseas guests and exhibitors might mainly participate in online exhibitions and conferences, while domestic entities would take part in offline exhibitions and conferences. The CIFTIS releases a lot of free services for exhibitors.

1. Free online exhibition services, available until 3 months before the next CIFTIS;
2. Free online supply-demand matching. Exhibitors can release their project requirements in the official website and the operation platform of the CIFTIS. The platform will provide services such as intelligent matching and online negotiation;
3. Exhibitors in request for online conferencing can make reservation for cloud conference without charge on the official website of the CIFTIS.

The total exhibition area is about 110,000 square meters. Around 1,000 exhibitors from more than 100 countries and regions will participate in the CIFTIS via online or offline activities. The CIFTIS focuses on inviting Fortune Global 500 firms, leading enterprises in trade in services and internationally renowned institutions from top 30 countries and regions in trade in services to participate in the fair and hold conferences. 32 trading delegations have been organized by provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China. 16 districts and economic and technological development zones of Beijing have set up trading delegations respectively and domestic and foreign journalists have been invested.

There are seven types of activities in the CIFTIS:
  • Global Trade in Services Summit.
  • Summit Forums: Focusing on hot issues and development trends in trade in services, representatives of  international organizations and government agencies, and well-known guests from the industry, academia and research circles are invited to attend discussions and exchanges, share industry experience, and contribute their wisdom to development.
  • Industrial Conferences and Professional Forums: Industrial conferences and professional forums will be organized focusing on the topics of latest developments, innovations and international cooperation in the twelve sectors of trade in services.
  • Business Talks and Side Events: Theme Day Activities, Industrial Promotion Activities and Business Talks. Other Business Talks and Side Events.
  • Exhibition and Display: Focusing on the development achievements of the service industry and trade  in services, and the intelligent application of cutting-edge technologies, one comprehensive exhibition and eight special exhibitions will be set up, and Multi-functional service area established in the area around the exhibition venue.
  • Achievements Release: Release the latest technologies, products, results and service demonstration cases.
  • Supporting Activities: Themed nights, business salons, dinner and wine party, etc. Consumption resources and routes, Science and tourism with Beijing characteristics are recommended to provide exhibitors with diversified choices for in-depth experience of the capital’s new image, new technologies, and new services.

While making every effort to prepare for the offline CIFTIS, a full-process and full-scenario online exhibition platform, covering exhibitions, forums and conferences, negotiation and signing, operation and management had been launched comprehensively, providing services and supports to online and offline exhibitions and conferences. Integrate online and offline exhibition, create a new platform of digital, intelligent and innovative exhibition, and create a new experience of hi-tech exhibition.

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