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Cayman Islands Exempted Company Incorporation Quotation

Cayman Islands Exempted Company Incorporation Quotation

Exempted companies are the most common form of offshore company in the Cayman Islands and are incorporated or registered under the Companies Law (Revised) (Companies Law). An exempted company may not trade in the Cayman Islands with any person, firm or corporation except in furtherance of the business of the exempted company carried on outside the Cayman Islands.

1. Cayman Islands Exempted Company Incorporation Fees and Disbursements
(1) Incorporation Service Fees

Our fees for handling the registration of a exempted company with standard authorised capital of USD50,000 and with standard Memorandum and Articles of Association are USD3,600 (or HKD28,080). Our fees covers the following services in particular:
(a) Statutory annual licence fee
(b) Annual fee for registered office
(c) Annual fee for registered agent
(d) Our service fees
(e) Disbursements

  If there are more than two shareholders and two directors, a service fee of USD200 will be charged for each additional shareholder/director.

(2) Incorporation Related Service Fees
(a) Chinese Name
  If Chinese name is to be registered, an extra fee of USD400 will be charged.
(b) Certificate of Incumbency
  At the time of bank accounting opening, the bank may require a copy of Certificate of Incumbency. We can arrange this document for a fee of USD500.
(c) Tax Exemption Certificate
  There is no form of taxation in the Cayman Islands relating to individuals, Corporations or trusts. All Exempted Companies are exempted from tax in Cayman Islands and may also apply for 20 years tax exemption certificate.
(d) Certificate of Good Standing
  The Certificate of Good Standing confirms that the status of an independent legal entity (a juridical person) has not been revoked or became void for the particular offshore company, that this company has not been merged, filed for dissolution, or been struck-off. If so requested, we can help with the application for the COG for a fee of USD500.

2. Time of Billing and Payment Methods

Upon receipt of your order, we will issue an invoice to you for your settlement. We require full payment in advance.

We currently only accept Hong Kong Dollar check, cash or TT and credit card through Paypal. Please click here for payment methods.

3. Time Frame to Incorporate
  The registration of a Exempted Company in the Cayman Islands normally take anywhere from 14 to 20 working days in a smooth case. The following table shows the time required for each of the steps:





Kaizen coordinates with clients regarding the provision of required materials



Review of due diligence documents provided by client



Name availability search and reservation



Filing of application documents with the Registrar



The Registrar reviews application and issue of Certificate of Incorporation



Delivery of corporate documents to Hong Kong



Delivery of corporate documents to client

Subject to courier

4. Materials Required for Incorporation
At the time of confirmation of order, client should scan and email the following materials to us for preliminary review and then deliver the original copy to us:
(1) Incorporation Order Form (to be provided by Kaizen)
(2) Due diligence documents
(3) Questionnaire (Schedule 2)

5. Registration Documents Returned to Client after Registration

After the company is officially registered, Kaizen will return the following documents and materials for retention:

  (1) Original copy of Certificate of Incorporation;
(2) 3 printed copy of Memorandum and Articles of;
(3) 10 copies of blank share certificate;
(4) One statutory book (members register, directors register and share register);
(5) One company chop and one Common Seal;

6. Annual Fees for Second and Subsequent Years

The annual maintenance costs for the second and subsequent years of a standard Cayman Islands exempted company (share capital no more than USD50,000) are USD2,600. The annual maintenance costs include annual franchise or license fees, annual registered office and registered agent fee. Annual renewal fees are due for payment before 31 October every year.

1. Due diligence documents list
2. Incorporation order form
3. General terms and condition of services
4. Cayman Islands Exempted Company Incorporation Guide
5. Cayman Islands Exempted Company Maintenance Guide

Should you have any questions regarding the fees quoted or procedures stated in the article or wish to obtain more information, please browse our official website or send email to, or call and talk to our professional consultants.

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