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Hong Kong Representative Office Registration Package #HKRO05 - Registration plus Business Address plus Bank Account plus Working Visa

Hong Kong Representative Office Registration Package #HKRO05 - Registration plus Business Address plus Bank Account plus Working Visa

When a foreign company intends to set up a physical presence in Hong Kong for the purposes of marketing search and development and liaison with suppliers and customers, it could consider applying to set up a Representative Office. What follows is a description of our fees and the documents required for the registration of such a Representative Office in Hong Kong.

1. Hong Kong Representative Office Registration Package #HKRO05 - Scope of Services and Fees

(1) Handling the registration of a representative office in Hong Kong

  • Application for Business Registration Certificate
  • Payment of first year business registration fee
  • Production of one stamp for the Representative Office

(2) Provision of business address in Hong Kong for one year

  • Provision of a Hong Kong street address as the business address of your representative office
  • Forwarding mails by Air once a month (postage of courier charge will be billed separately)

(3) Application for Hong Kong Working Visa/Employment Visa (one person)

  • Kaizen will handle the application for a working visa/employment visa for the representative or foreign employee who is to be stationed in Hong Kong
  • Payment of Hong Kong working visa/investment visa application fee

(4) Bank Account

Setting up a bank account for the parent company of Representative Office with a leading bank in Hong Kong. Please note that banks in Hong Kong do not open bank account for a representative office. As such, you could only apply to set up a bank account in the name of the parent company to finance the operation of your Hong Kong representative office.

(1) + (2) + (3) + (4) = USD1,975

2. RO Registration and Working Visa Application Time Frame

The registration of a RO will take 3 working days to complete, the bank account opening takes around 1 week and it will take around 4-6 weeks to process the working visa application. These are estimates and based on the assumption that we have received all the documents required.

3. Required Documents

Before submitting the application, you are required to provide with us the following documents:

(1) A copy of duly signed (by the director) Certificate of Incorporation of the company applying to register the RO
(2) A copy of passport (only the page showing the particular of the holder) of the director who signs the application documents
(3) A copy of residential address proof of the director who signs the application documents
(4) Corporate documents of the foreign company
(5) A copy of the latest financial statements of the foreign company
(6) Proof of academic qualification of the applicant
(7) Proof of working experience of the applicant

4. Materials Given to Client after Registration and Account Opened

(1) Original Business Registration
(2) Working Visa/Employment Visa
(2) Bank account materials, such as Internet banking security device, Internet banking personal pin, check book.

5. Payment Term

We require full payment in advance before the commencement of application for registration.

For further information or assistance, please call us:

Hong Kong Office: +852 2341 1444
Singapore Office: +65 6883 1061
Shenzhen Office: +86 755 8268 4480
Shanghai Office: +86 21 6439 4114
Beijing Office: +86 10 6874 8420

or send email to enquiries@bycpa.com.

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