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Sudan Trademark Registration Costs and Registration Procedures

Sudan Trademark Registration Costs and Registration Procedures
1. Sudan Trademark Registration Fees
Fees (USD)
Step 1: Pre-filing Search
First class
Each additional class

(1) Pre-filing search is not compulsory in Sudan.
(2) Pre-filing search is limited to the Sudan Intellectual Property Office’s database only.
(3) Pre-filing search report delivered in 15 working days by email.

Step 2: Trademark Registration Request
First class
Each additional class

(1) Fees covers both our service fees and official filing fees;
(2) Fees for trademark registration request listed above cover not more than 20 items of products or services in each class. Each item in excess of 20 will be charged with an extra fee of USD10.
(3) One application cannot cover more than one class of goods/services. Separate application should be filed for each Class of goods/services.

Step 3: Final Registration/Certificate
First class
Each additional class
(1) The fixed fees quoted above apply only to trademark applications which are unopposed and proceed without complication.
(2) All fees quoted above do not include delivery fees.

Fee for translation of the list of goods from English to Arabic (over the first 100 words) is USD45 per page.

(4) Fee for claiming convention priority is USD55.

2. Calculation of Registration Costs

Example 1: One mark one class
If you want to apply to have your trademark "ABC" registered in Class 25 (clothing, footwear, headgear), that is, one mark one class, the total fees for both trademark pre-filing search and registration request and certificate are:

Pre-filing search: USD200
Request for registration: USD635
Final registration/Certificate: USD320

Example 2: Two marks one class
If you want to apply to have your trademarks "ABC" and "DEF" registered in Class 25 (clothing, footwear, headgear), that is, two marks one class, the total fees for both trademark pre-filing searches and registration requests and certificates are:

Pre-filing search: 200 + 200 = USD400
Request for registration: 635 + 635 = USD1,270
Final registration/Certificate: 320 + 320 = USD640

The costs illustrated in the examples above are based on the assumption of a smooth application, that is, no objection being raised by the trademark office or any other third party. Also, the costs stated above exclude courier charges for sending the Power of Attorney and delivery of Certificate of Registration upon acceptance of registration.

It is further assumed that the number of items of products included in each class is not more than 20. Each additional item after the first 20 is charged at a fee of USD10.

3. Materials Required for Filing of Trademark Application in Sudan
(1) A Power of Attorney (PoA) duly signed by the applicant (to be prepared by Kaizen) and notarized.
(2) A duly completed trademark search/registration order form (to be provided by Kaizen).
(3) A soft copy of the trademark in JPEG format.
(4) A photocopy of proof of identity of the applicant (passport for individual and business registration certificate/licence for corporation.). A certified extract of the entry of the applicant company in the commercial register, or a certified copy of the certificate of incorporation legalized up to the Sudanese Consulate.

4. Sudan Trademark Application Procedures

Client sends to Kaizen (by email or fax or post) a specimen of the trademark together with the duly completed Trademark Registration Order Form and at the same time make payment for the pre-filing search;

(2) Kaizen conducts the pre-filing search and prepare search report and email the search reports to clients;

(If the search results indicate that the application is likely to be accepted and clients decide to proceed) Client sends us the Scanned copy of identity proof (passport copy for individual and Certificate of Incorporation or Business Registration License) and at the same time arrange payment of our fees for application filing;

(4) Kaizen prepares the registration application forms and PoA and sends them to client for execution;
(5) Clients send the duly signed and notarized PoA (by Sudan Consulate) back to us.

Kaizen or its associate in Sudan prepares the application documents and submit the same to Intellectual Property Department of Sudan;

(7) Intellectual Property Department of Sudan performs examination and other procedures; A trademark application can be opposed within 8 months as from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette. If no objection received, it will then issues the Certificate of Registration;
(8) Client makes the final payment for registration/certificate and Kaizen forwards the Certificate of Registration to client.

5. Time Scale

Currently it takes around 12-24 months to get a trademark registered in Sudan in a smooth case.

6. Payment Term and Payment Method
Our fees for each stage of an application are to be invoiced and settled before the commencement of each stage of service.

We currently only accept Hong Kong Dollar cheque, cash or TT and credit card through Paypal. Please click here for payment methods.

7. Refund Policy

No refund of fees will be made after the commencement of services. For example, if we have already performed the pre-filing search and the search results indicate that there is an identical mark already in the register and application for filing should not be proceeded, the fees for pre-filing search will not be refunded. Or we have already filed an application and the application is being objected and refused by the trademark office or any other party, then there will not be any refunded of fees.

In any case you pay us our fees for all three stages of an application, and the search results indicate that the there is an identical mark already in the register and application for filing should not be proceeded, then the fees for services not performed, i.e., filing for application and issuing of certificate of registration will be refunded.

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